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After establishing itself in the local market by methodically and continuously improving its manufacturing processes and expanding its product range, MITAS GENERATORS also began exporting its range of Power Generating Sets to other countries in 2002. Through a network of business partners spanning from Europe, to North Africa and the Middle East, we have managed to build a strong reputation among our clients over the years, for the reliability of our products and the personal attention we give to after-sales support.

The commitment to ensuring the high level of quality in our manufacturing process has also been verified with the ISO 9001 certification. In addition, our continuous sales activity through personal visits to the target market areas, as well as various exhibitions, allows us to solidify and strengthen relationships on which the planned further expansion of the company is based.

Looking ahead to the future, MITAS GENERATORS LTD aims to become not only the dominant supplier of generating sets in Cyprus, but also one of the main quality suppliers of Power Generators in the region, using a sincere and methodical approach that ensures the company’s reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of quality products.